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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a cremation cost?

Why is your cost so much lower than your competitors?  How can you afford to do cremations at only $799, compared to many funeral home prices, which are from $1600 to over $4000?

The main way we do this is that we have chosen to have dignified, yet modest, facilities which allows us to pass along the cost savings to the families. 

Does the $799 cremation price include an urn?

Yes. Our $799 price does include a basic, rectangular plastic urn that is suitable for shipping, scattering, or burial.  We do have a link that allows you to view and purchase other urns if you would like.

Will there be any hidden or extra charges for direct cremation that we weren’t expecting?

No, the $799 price includes transportation from the place of death, the cremation and basic urn and filling any necessary legal document with the state and federal government.  Any other charges that are incurred would be anything extra that the family elects to do with outside companies, such as ordering copies of the certified death certificate or placing an obituary in some newspapers that charge for this service. 

Does the $799 price include transportation from the place of death to the cremation center?

What does a funeral typically cost?

Your traditional funeral cost is much lower than many other places. How is that?

We have chosen to have a dignified, yet modest, facility and we also limit the number of caskets and vaults we offer. This allows us to pass the savings along to you.


Can we have a memorial service after the cremation?

Yes. You can have one at our facility, your church or anywhere that will allow one.

Can we view our loved one prior to the cremation?

Yes. There are many different options with viewing. We are happy to discuss these.

Do you perform your cremations and do embalming in your facility or do you send the body to another location for cremation and/or embalming?

We do everything onsite at our location.

Do you offer traditional funerals for families?

Yes, we do. We are a full-service funeral home and we offer any type of funeral service, memorial service or cremation.

Can we have a traditional funeral service with visitation prior to cremation?

Absolutely. You can have visitation, a funeral then have the cremation after that. This is not considered a “direct cremation” so we would work with you to tailor the service you desire to your needs.


What should I do if my loved one passes away?

Do you handle life insurance?

Will you assist with filing for death certificates and placing obituaries?

Yes, we will assist in providing all of the needed forms for receiving certified copies of death certificates.  We also provide confirmation to newspapers, allowing obituaries to be placed nationwide.

Can I transport cremated remains myself?

Yes, you are within your rights to personally transport cremated remains. Your funeral director can provide you with a copy of the burial transit permit (or similar document) with should accompany the cremated remains for identification purposes if you plan to fly.

Is it a law in Alabama to require a vault in the cemetery?

Does the state of Alabama require embalming?

My family member has a Brown Service burial policy. Do you honor these?

Yes, we do. We are contracted with Brown Service and will honor these policies.

Planning Ahead

Does ACFS require an up-front payment in order to make pre-arrangement for a cremation or burial?

No, you do not have to pay in advance in order to set up a plan for your final wishes.  We will save your information for the future.  If you do prefer to pre-pay, that is an option but not required.

Do I have to make prior arrangements to utilize Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services?

No, if a death has occurred or is imminent, you may call (256) 515-4008, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We will assist you in making arrangements and walk you through the next steps. 


Do we have to meet in Steele, AL in order to use ACFS?

No, you can do everything online or by phone if you choose not to come in to our facility.  We can work with you to email or fax the necessary documents.  We can even come to you if the distance allows.

Does Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services offer cremation services outside of Steele, AL?

Yes, we offer services anywhere.

Do you do the cremation onsite or do you send the body to another location?

We perform all our services within our facility.

Can we have a church service instead of a service at the funeral home?

Yes, a lot of people choose to have their funeral at their family church. We will handle those services.