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Funeral Home & Cremation Service Trussville, AL

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for Cremation Service in Trussville, AL

We have been serving funeral homes services and cremations in Trussville, AL. We offer simple and affordable cremation services. Our basic cremation package starts at $799. Our goal is to reduce the financial burden associated with your loved one's final disposition. Contact us today (256) 515-4008.

The time of the passing of a loved one is a time filled with many emotions and decisions. Among the decisions that need to be made is how you will handle the final disposition of your deceased. Unfortunately, these final arrangements for cremation service in Trussville, AL, can add up very quickly. You may be vulnerable and even compromised in your ability to think clearly. Yet, you find yourself needing to make purchases that are both final and costly.  

Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services was created with this scenario in mind. We offer all of the services you will need while giving you choices about your style of service. More on that later, but know this: As professionals who have many years of experience in this industry, you can be assured of high quality, personal service.

Arrange for Cremation Service in Trussville, AL Entirely Online

Our full range of service packages is listed in detail on our website. Once you find which option is best for your budget and matches your desires, you can click “arrange now” to get the process going. In just a few minutes, the arrangements will be underway. If your need is immediate, we will be notified and contact you right away to transfer your loved one into our care. 

Our clients are relieved that the arduous decision-making process has been greatly streamlined. Along with our favorable prices, the decisions become clearer. Our expert team has done all we possibly can to make this process just a bit simpler for you. Choose between cremation, graveside, or funeral services.

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Cremation: A Dignified Process


Cremation services are a great option, especially for those looking for a lower price point than a traditional burial. Every cremation we perform is handled with careful attention to protocol and with great respect for the dead. When you select a cremation (or any of our services), and the need is immediate, we dispatch to retrieve your loved one as soon as possible. 


After the death is legally filed and the applicable permits are obtained, we proceed with the cremation itself. In this process, the remains are positively identified to assure you will receive your loved one's ashes at the end of our process. The body is gently laid in a cremation container. This protects the dignity of the deceased as the cremation takes place. 


Once placed within the actual cremation chamber, intense heat is ignited. The container and the contents are consumed within a matter of hours. The chamber is cooled, and all remains are carefully gathered. As there are typically bone fragments in this collection, the final step will be to process these elements to a more sand-like consistency. These tiny particles are referred to as the “ashes.” These are then returned to the next of kin according to the arrangements we agree upon.

Graveside Services

Sometimes our clients who choose burial decide to forego a more traditional funeral service and instead have service at the graveside. This is often done just before interment. The gatherings are typically smaller, with only close relatives and friends present. The service is usually shorter and somewhat less formal than a funeral. However, you can choose what will make this event whatever you need it to be.

A Full Funeral Package

If you are interested in having a traditional funeral service, our full funeral package includes everything you will need. Our price point covers each of the following essential services:

  • Access to our funeral director and support staff
  • Transfer of the deceased remains to the funeral home
  • The embalming process
  • Preparing the body for the viewing or visitation
  • Supporting the viewing or visitation event
  • The funeral service itself
  • A funeral coach
  • Casket (base price includes an Allen silver 20g non-gasketed casket)
  • Burial vault (base price reflects a doric titan lined vault)

You can have a beautiful, traditional service without the overwhelming price tag. All of our services for cremation service in Trussville, AL, are designed to be a support to the price-conscious consumer.

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Pre-Arrange Services

Our services are available for planning and purchase before the need actually arises. Because death is something unavoidable, this IS a need each of us will require at some future date. Taking time to think about your wishes and designate a plan can lift a burden on your loved ones after you pass. Our online arrangement forms are a simple way to take action here. 

Call or Submit Your Request Online

As you think about whom to work with for cremation service in Trussville, AL, please reach out to us at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services. We will be glad to answer any of your questions and show you around our facility. We are located at 261 Steele Station Rd, Steele, AL 35987. Call (256) 515-4008 to schedule.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Are pre-paid funeral plans worth it?

It might be a decent idea for you if you have the funds to pay for a funeral plan right now. The benefit of paying for your funeral now is that as premiums increase in the future, your funeral plan will be safe from inflation. Learn more.

What does a funeral director do?

Funeral directors are responsible for planning all aspects of the ceremonies in a manner that honors both the departed and their surviving family members and friends. Aside from these services, funeral directors do the paperwork associated with a person's death. Learn more.

What should I look for a funeral home?

• Has a good reputation.
• Compassionate and caring staffs.
• Delivers meaningful services to families.
Learn more.

Cremation and Funeral Services FAQs

Can you make funeral arrangements in advance?

Absolutely! Funeral homes understand the challenges you face when losing a loved one. The added burden of planning and funeral expenses does not make things any easier. Therefore, planning your arrangement in advance is a great way to take care of your family and give them a peace of mind. Know more about planning your funeral.

What are you allowed to do with human ashes?

There are many ways your family can do with ashes. Your ashes may be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, buried in a cemetery, stored at home, or stored in a church or other religious structure. How to deal with your ashes is something you need to think about ahead of time. Learn more.

What is the purpose of a funeral home?

A funeral home's main purpose is to handle every detail of the funeral service, so your family does not have to worry about a thing. They offer professional care of your loved one, filling out all necessary paperwork and planning a funeral or memorial service. Some funeral homes provide added service free of charge like booking hotels and transportation for visiting guests. Learn more.