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Why are People Choosing Cremations in Huntsville, AL?

Cremation Service Huntsville AL

To care for deceased remains, cremations in Huntsville, AL, are growing in popularity. There are likely many reasons for this, but here are a few that are mentioned to the professionals at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services often:

  • Costs: The cost tends to be significantly less than casketed burial. In general, there are fewer services associated with a cremation procedure than a full funerary service with a casketed burial. This means cremation requires less time and resources, which is reflected in the price points. In the case of our facility at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services, we keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to our clients.
  • Flexibility: Preparing the body via cremation can make a difficult time more straightforward and flexible. When you are reeling from the loss of a dear loved one, your capacity to make decisions can feel limited. Unfortunately, many choices around death care are time-sensitive, so they still need to be made soon. The good news is that cremation can take some of that pressure off if you need more time to plan services or decide where exactly you want the final disposition of the remains. 
  • Bio-Friendly: There are some environmental benefits to cremation over mainstream burial practices. There are concerns, especially in densely populated areas, about limited land available for the preparation of burying the deceased. The interment of toxic chemicals used with embalming practices also gives some people pause. Synthetic materials used in modern caskets and the required burial vaults for many cemeteries also take a very long time to deteriorate.

Answers to Some Common Questions Surrounding Cremations in Huntsville, AL

  • What are cremation services? The cremation process refers to a procedure that burns the deceased remains in a controlled chamber until all soft tissues have been evaporated and reduced by flames. The resulting dried bone fragments are processed into granules called ashes. 
  • Are additional services or honoring ceremonies possible if I choose cremation? Funerals are held before cremations, and memorials are typically held afterward. If you decide to have a cremation performed without any public honoring services before or later, it is called a direct cremation. Planning a funeral or memorial service in conjunction with cremation is undoubtedly available. Complete cremation (or full-service cremation) means you have a public honoring service in addition to the cremation procedure.
  • Is it possible to view the deceased before cremation? Yes, and it is encouraged widely by grief experts. Various options can make this final goodbye workable. Some families looking for a direct cremation may choose to view the remains sooner rather than later so the body will have less time to deteriorate. Others choose to have a brief goodbye ceremony before the cremation procedure. The body will be held in cold storage for the duration of the required waiting periods.
  • Can our family witness the cremation? The nature of cremation typically prevents an entirely transparent process just for safety reasons. However, many facilities have a viewing window that allows families to see the deceased's casket loaded into the retort where the cremation will take place. Be sure to ask about this possibility if it is interesting to you.
  • Who performs the cremation? Cremation services can only be arranged through a licensed funeral director in the state of Alabama. A director should oversee the process and could be assisted by carefully trained staff to ensure respectful and secure cremations in Huntsville, AL. All applicable regulations and best ethical practices will be followed.
  • Where can the final remains be laid to rest? One compelling reason for choosing cremation is the flexible options that are available for final disposition. Cremated remains can be kept close by at home in a displayable urn. If multiple homes would benefit from this arrangement, the remains could be divided amongst various urns. Ashen remains can be buried or entombed in a cemetery or memorial park. Alternatively, the ashes could be scattered in nature or at a cremation garden.

Selecting a Reputable Firm to Handle Your Cremation Needs

As a full-service funeral home, Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services can help you with any types of needs you have revolving around death care. Our professional managing director has worked in the funerary industry for nearly three decades. Dr. Jason Junkins, MD, founded the firm. He has spent most of his career as a medical director working in hospice. He built this establishment to respond to a need for families to have cost-effective and quality options for death care services. 

If you have this need for cremations in Huntsville, AL, please reach out to the experienced professionals at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services. Our facility is located for your convenience at 261 Steele Station Rd, Steele, AL 35987. Our services are performed on-site to give you additional peace of mind. Call (256) 515-4008 today, and we will bring your loved one into our compassionate circle of care.