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Affordable and Caring Cremation Service in Birmingham, AL

Here at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services, we provide simple and affordable cremation and traditional funeral services in Birmingham, AL. Why us? We’ve created a simple, stress-free process that allows you to make your entire arrangement online in just a matter of minutes. Do you need help with designing funeral and cremation services in Birmingham, AL? Call for a consultation (256) 515-4008.

When families face the death of a loved one, whether expected or not, there can be many overwhelming emotions on the surface. In addition to this stress, some decisions need to be made relatively quickly too. Expensive packages for traditional cremation services in Birmingham, AL, should not be an additional part of the stress families and loved ones face. That is why Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services was created.

Our management team has years of experience working within this industry. We know what a tender and sensitive time this is for the remaining family and loved ones. Our hearts are saddened by your unspeakable loss. As cremation experts, we’re ready to assist you through this crucially important time of goodbye.

Arrange for Cremation Services in Birmingham, AL Completely Online

Our straightforward packages and pricing offer a reprieve from the higher-priced alternatives in the area. Yet, we offer everything you need for cremation services, graveside services, and traditional burial services at a significant discount. You get what you need without overpaying for the services. 

Also, there is no need for you to come in for in-person meetings or to fill out lengthy paperwork forms. All of our arrangement forms are online with transparent pricing. In a matter of minutes, you can retain our services. If appropriate, we will be in touch with the next steps right away.

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What Does Cremation Entail?


Cremation services with us are simple and handled with great care and dignity. Once you contact us, we will immediately arrange to bring your deceased loved one into our care. We take care of all applicable legal requirements, such as registering the death and filing for appropriate permits. When all legal considerations are met, we proceed with the cremation. 

The Cremation

The cremation itself is the process by which the remains of the deceased will be reduced to ashes. The remains are positively identified. They are placed within a cremation container which will also be consumed in this process. After being sent into the cremation chamber, extreme heat is then applied. This can take a few hours for an average-sized body to be fully processed. 


After cooling, all of the remaining elements within the chamber are carefully collected. There are bone fragments that will not have fully disintegrated. These bone fragments are then further processed to a more uniform consistency. This is what we commonly refer to as the “ashes.” These ashes are then placed within a container of your choosing, typically an urn. You can pick up the remains in person, or we can deliver them to you if you prefer. 

With Care

It is essential to know that each cremation is handled individually. At no time will there be another set of remains in the cremation chamber with your loved one. Careful identification and protocols help us keep each set of remains safe until we return them to your care. 

Traditional Cremation Services And Other Options

You can also choose traditional funeral services with our company. With attention to detail, our professional staff will help you create this service to honor your loved one. Your loved one will be prepared for private or public viewing with embalming. You can have this viewing (also sometimes referred to as a visitation) prior to the funeral. After the funeral services, we will assist you through the interment of your loved one. 

If a traditional funeral doesn’t seem to fit your situation, you can also choose to hold a memorial or graveside service. In each case, you will have the services of our staff and funeral director. However you wish to proceed, we are ready to help you at Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services for all of your cremation services in Birmingham, AL.

Plan Ahead for Future Needs

Pre-planning for future needed cremation services is gaining popularity in our country. It is a beautiful gift to give your family members who survive you. It takes away just a little bit of the stress they will face after you pass. They will know what you would prefer for your final arrangements. 

In choosing to pre-purchase your selections, you save money by hedging against inflation-related price increases. It also takes away any element of financial strain that your end-of-life arrangements might create for your loved ones. Like our services that are needed immediately, this pre-planning process is made very simple with our online arrangement forms.

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With just a few clicks and keystrokes, you can have arrangements made for cremation services in Birmingham, AL. Alabama Cremation and Funeral Services can help with immediate, upcoming, and future needs as well. Connect with us today. We are located at 261 Steele Station Rd, Steele, AL 35987. Please call us at (256) 515-4008 if we can further assist you.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What to look for a cremation service provider?

• An organized funeral director.
• Meaningful cremation service options.
• Worthy cremation packages.
• Concerned cremations service provider.
Learn more.

What is traditional burial?

A typical funeral service consists of viewing or visitation, a funeral service, and burial at the gravesite. Prayers, eulogies, readings, and music are common features in traditional funerals. Following that, the body is carried in procession to the cemetery/burial site and interred in the grave. Learn more.

What is pre-planned funeral?

Pre-paid funeral plans enable people to prepare for their funeral services ahead of time. It's about families who don't want their loved ones to have to make choices or deal with financial pressures while they're mourning. Learn more.

Cremation and Funeral Services FAQs

What is the average cost of a basic cremation?

A basic cremation or commonly known as direct cremation can cost between $800 to $1,000 or more depending on the city you live in. Many funeral homes offer cremation packages so you will know what is included. However, the cost can increase fast when adding things like a memorial, flowers, music, and expensive cremation caskets or urns. Know more about direct cremation.

What do funeral directors do?

A funeral director is a licensed professional who specializes in all aspects of funerals, cremations, and related services. They provide assistance to the family and guide the arrangement of visitations and funeral ceremonies. Furthermore, they prepare the deceased based on the family's wishes. Learn more.

How quickly can you plan a funeral?

A typical funeral is normally held around one or two weeks after the death of a person. The family can also have the right to have a quick funeral or longer one depending on their availability. Religious belief also plays a factor in deciding how long the funeral should take. Learn more about funeral packages.